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March... Spring is Here!

So finally the weather is showing signs of spring… every year I wait for those days where 55 degrees feels like summer time and everyone goes out for a run on the Charles River or a walk down Newbury Street. I cannot wait until it is warm enough to golf again… I am itching to get out and play. Depending on where I am for the summer I am going to decide if I want to get back into the competitive swing of things (no pun intended) and qualify for the U.S. Women’s Amateur or the Public Links… we will see… Today, I ran all the way down past my old school (BU) and then back around to MIT.  As to my running challenge, I was a bit sick over the past few weeks but I am still averaging over 4 miles/day and I am now in my third month… still on track to average 3+ miles/day for an entire year!

My run was a nice little break during SIP week here at Sloan. SIP, or Sloan Innovation Period, is a time for students to take a break from the daily grind of classes and take some informative workshops. This week, I took classes on Leadership, the Global Crisis, Design Innovation, and Investment Management. My workshop on the global crisis was taught by Simon Johnson and was very interesting. For those of you who don’t know who Simon Johnson is (shame on you… jk) he keeps a blog:

Once classes are over for the week we will have another week for spring break. This year, Calvin and his girlfriend Jen, Petros and I are all flying out to Las Vegas for some fun and then going to Mammoth to get some good skiing in.  It should be a blast and when we get back I will have to post some pictures.

Over the past month I have been settling into my second semester here at Sloan. It is amazing to me how fast the time has flown since our days of orientation. Luckily for me, I have been doing a better job of managing how many projects I sign up for this semester. On March 7, we held the 3rd annual MIT Sloan Sports Analytics Conference here at MIT. The conference was an incredible success and all of the hard work that my organizing team put in paid off tremendously. We worked with Daryl Morey, a Sloan Alum and current GM of the Houston Rockets, and Jessica Gelman from the Patriots to put this show together.

My panels were on “Careers in Sports” and “Talent Identification” and featured notable speakers from Nike Sparq, Chelsea Football, the New England Patriots, the Memphis Grizzlies, Teamwork Consulting, Citizen’s Sports, the Philadelphia Inquirer, Football Outsiders, Octagon Sports, and 4040 Sports. It was a great experience to listen to what these speakers had to say on the emerging uses of analytics in their fields. Though our conference was dubbed “dorkapalooza,” it was a fantastic event that brought together some of the best minds in sports. Among other notables at the conference were Ray Allen, Jeff Van Gundy, Mark Cuban, and many representatives from ESPN. Overall, it was a very rewarding experience and I cannot wait until we can start planning for next year.  Anybody interested in checking out the conference further can look here:

The first half of the semester (H1) has just finished up here at Sloan and I am now done with macroeconomics. In the second half I will be taking classes in Pricing, Negotiation, Branding, and of course, my classes that span the entire semester, Communications and Strategy. In communications, aside from presenting a lot, my team and I are actually going to be responsible for teaching an entire class period… I’ll let you know how that goes. For now, I am out to go pack for spring break… Bye!