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Fall 2009 - Life as a second-year

My second year of business school is now well underway. So far, I would say I probably have never been this busy in my entire life but in a completely satisfying and "great" kind of busy. In undergrad I was balancing my major with being a student-athlete and that was busy... then during core I was getting used to the new genre of classes I was taking with my extracurricular projects, but now I really think I am the busiest I have ever been. Let me begin...

I am currently taking a class in business law that is fascinating. It is taught by John Akula, a professor who is not only brilliant and experienced, but entertaining and personable. I'm also taking a Data Modeling class and a marketing class. However, the highlight of my semester so far has been my G-Lab Africa class. G-lab (Global Entrepreneurship Lab) Africa is, this year, focusing on Global Health Delivery. Specifically, my team and I will be working with a company in Africa for the rest of the fall semester and then we will go on-site in Johannesburg, South Africa in January for a 3-4 week internship. The issue of global health delivery means a lot to me and I cannot wait to contribute my team's business skills to enhancing the way of life in Africa. Look out for more posts as we get closer to January. I fully intend to document the trip both in written form and on video!

As another travel and work opportunity, I am thinking about doing China Lab in the spring semester. China Lab allows a group of students at MIT Sloan to work with a company in China for the first half of the spring semester and then do a 2 week on-site internship during SIP and Spring Break. This is an incredible opportunity to work with growing companies in China. 

I am continuing to work for Titleist, one of my summer internship companies. I feel especially lucky to be working in an area that I have so much passion for. The sports and retail industries have a lot of interesting facets to them and I have certainly been able to experience them in my internships. I am also working with the EMS (Entertainment, Media, and Sports) Club this fall as VP of Special Projects. ( I am overseeing the SportsLab program that is now in it's second year. This year, we were able to secure projects with a hospitality development company, Converse, and the Boston Bruins. The SportsLabs offer a rare opportunity to work with companies inside this industry prior to recruiting season. I also helped run the MIT Sloan Golf Tournament this past Saturday at Stow Acres CC in Stow, MA. Though it rained all the way up to the tournament and then towards the end, we were lucky enough to get it in. It was a tremendously good time and offered a chance for students to get out, enjoy a day on the golf course, and have some fun with their fellow classmates. 

Planning for the 2010 MIT Sloan Sports Analytics is fully underway. As students, we are lucky enough to work with Jessica Gelman of the New England Patriots and Daryl Morey of the Houston Rockets. This conference has taken off since it's inception 3 years ago. I was a panel-lead for the conference last year securing panelists for the Careers in Sports and Talent Identification Panels. This year, I will be working to help the team pull off the best conference yet. Stay tuned, as we get closer. The conference will be held on March 6, 2010 and promises to amazing. (

Speaking of sports, the Red Sox are in the playoffs and I know it is that time of year again. GO SOX!!! Seriously, how many Red Sox - Angels contests can we have in the ALDS???

I have been continuing with my half-marathon and marathon training. I will be running my half-marathon on November 15 in Newton, MA. I really cannot wait. I have been working so hard at training smart and eating well, I cannot wait to see the results. I am shooting for a time well under two hours. In the spring, I am going to run the Boston Marathon... this is something I have always wanted to do and decided to just do it this year. Right now my long-runs are around 10 miles for the half-marathon. I will probably run in December, take it light while I am in Africa in January, and then train all out for the almost 3 months leading up to the Boston Marathon. I know it won't be easy balancing training with all of the other stuff that I am doing but the challenge is well worth it. 

My pilot core team is doing great. They will be having their first set of midterms in the coming week. I have done my best at giving them the advice that I wish I had known a year ago. Speaking of which... how has it already been a year? It is crazy how fast time flies in business school. I attribute it to how much fun I am having working on projects and classes that really mean something to me. It really is exciting. :) 

Finally, I will be working with the Ambassador's Program throughout the fall semester so if you come for a campus visit, you might run into me. Until then, have a great fall and enjoy the leaves!!!