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G-Lab from a Brazilian Perspective 1/5 @ MIT Sloan


Welcome to Malaysia - Kuala Lumpur (or KL for the more intimate)! A place influenced by the Chinese, Indian, Persian, Arabic and British cultures, and where the official religion is Islam. A place where you drive on the left side on the road and you are supposed to take of your shoes when you enter a home or even a store! A place where you have a team composed by Brazil, Italy, Mexico and the U.S. working to help a great local company. This culture mix is one of the many amazing things G-Lab brings to us.

Before we start.

Our team has travelled around South East Asia before arriving to KL to achieve our first goal of this journey: dive into a different culture. We travelled together and by ourselves through different countries to arrive here, such as Thailand, Cambodia and Vietnam. After spending Christmas with part of my family in the Netherlands, I was able to spend 15 days exploring Thailand. From the pictures below you can hopefully absorb some of the culture we are going to experience in this side of the world.

Until next week with more updates on our different goals and achievements. Cheers,

Tiago (the Brazilian from the team)

HW7 - Pictures 1