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Starting My Artwork Collection

The best part of G-Lab has been hearing the different stories from my classmates, and comparing them to my experience. By the very nature of the course each individual experience can vary wildly. After hearing the stories of friendships made, projects completed and exotic side trips, I have to say that my team did pretty well with our experience. That’s a testament to our host company as well as the people of Indonesia who always made us feel at home.

Before we left, we found out that our host was a big golfer. To augment the standard G-Lab gift, we bought a MIT golf set from the book store complete with 3 MIT logo golf balls, golf tees and an embroidered golf towel. At the time we thought it would be an adequate gift to thank our host. Boy were we wrong. After three weeks together I think it is safe to say we would need to buy a lot more golf balls to match the hospitality we received. The company rolled out the red carpet for us, taking us to meals and giving us an experience you could never get as a tourist. They also topped our gift of a golf accessory set.

At our farewell dinner we were each presented with a cartoon portrait of ourselves and Otogard automotive products. Apparently what we thought was a group photo mid trip actually was an undercover effort to capture our likenesses for the artist. When we thought our day to day point of contact was out attending sales meetings, he was actually checking on the progress of the artwork. Apparently it took several revisions to get our likenesses just so. The paint had barely dried when the artwork was handed over.

We capped off the trip with a few days in Bali, which was the perfect way to end the perfect trip. A few days of relaxation before heading back to for the start of the final semester of business school. I hope the company found our work to be beneficial to their future growth, and that we were able to have an impact. I can however comfortably say they had a huge impact on our team, and we will certainly never forget the experience.