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Living the executive life for a day

I recently posted about how our G-Lab experience ended extremely well.  Not only did we get to see the results of our hard work, we were able to participate in executive level conversations and our opinions actually mattered to them. This four hour period was the best time while in the office we experienced in Sorocaba.  However, the six or seven hours after this presentation were the best time we spent away from the office!

Percio, a former banker turned investor and now the head of our company, was gracious enough to give up a glimpse into his life as a wealthy corporate executive.  After our presentation we were taken in a private car to the local helipad where Percio flew us in his private helicopter to his country house outside of Sao Paulo.  Upon landing at a field near his house, which he is turning into a golf course, we were escorted in his pristine, cherry red 52’ Jaguar to his home. Actually, we parked in one of his homes but went across the street to his other house, which is on a lake.  The
non-lake house provides extra parking for his antique cars and scooters as well as a roof which he converted to a soccer field for his children, obviously…

The lake house was the nicest home I have ever been in. Although not the largest I have visited, the layout and décor were like nothing else I have experienced.  Working with a famous architect, Percio was able to make it feel like the home was part of a rainforest. The large indoor pool and lush landscaping throughout made it truly feel like we were outside the entire time, possibly living in the home from the Swiss Family Robinson!

During our visit Percio introduced us to his family and took the time to cook us a great dinner.  He took time out of his busy schedule to make us feel welcome and we all really appreciated it. In the end I feel he did this for two reasons. First because he wanted to show us Brazilian hospitality, which we experienced throughout our entire trip and was always excellent, and second because he wanted to say thank you for our hard work.  Although the experience earlier that day interacting with the executive level employees was professionally the most rewarding part of our trip, this was by far the best part of the non-work side of things!