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Reflection - Ghana

This G-Lab experience has taught me once again that our judgment of a country, an economy or people is very much influenced by what we are accustomed to. Arriving in Accra, Ghana in early January, our whole G-Lab team thought about how far this country still has to develop until anything from its infrastructure to business services will meet Western standards.

However, a few weeks later I had a change of mind and I was astonished by the opposite. After G-Lab I traveled for some time in Malawi. It was a beautiful scenic country with friendly people. Its economy however was stagnant with no growth in sight.

I mention this because on my way back home I had a long layover in Accra, Ghana. I took the time to step out of the airport to stop by our old employer and visit my favorite sights in Accra. Now however, I was amazed at how far this economy had come and at how developed its infrastructure was. As said, it is all about perspectives.

Above all, the G-Lab experience has enabled me to acquire a much better understanding of the obstacles and needs of an emerging economy in this part of the world. It gave me a firsthand insight into the business world and specifically in our case, the process of infrastructure development.