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No Lack of Things to Do @ Sloan!

What a busy place!  The second years had warned us that core would keep us busy.  Spring semester is here and I am no less active.  I have been working hard-core!1  However, this semester is less consumed by classes and, instead, filled up with the various activities and projects that I find myself signing up for.  There are so many opportunities at Sloan that it is hard to have some self control and not sign up for everything under the sky!

This semester I find myself working as a:

  • recreational traveler who has a trip planned with other Sloanies nearly every weekend (New Orleans for Jazz Fest, Moscow (yes, Russia!) for our 4-day Patriots' day weekend, and more...)

Whether you are interested in investment banking, entrepreneurship, international development, or consulting there are so many ways to get involved!  If you have a particular interest and have not found a Sloan group that accommodates you, please reach out to me or another Sloan student and we will guide you in the right direction, or if you are a meat lover we can steer you there...1

Now that the first half of the semester is over, Sloanies are headed all over the world for Spring Break.  Some of my friends are headed to India for a class project; others are going on subsidized trips to Antigua and South Korea.  After spending a month in Eastern Africa and climbing Kilimanjaro over Winter Break, I have decided to do something a bit more relaxing – Brazil Trek!  What a great opportunity to have classmates from Brazil willing to lead a trip to their home country.  We will be touring Embraer (an airplane manufacturer) and AmBev (the world’s 5th largest brewery!), dancing at samba clubs, eating at churrascurias, and of course, relaxing on the beaches!  It will be a great break from classes before H2 (the second half of the semester) begins.

Spring it on! 1

1  All jokes are fully credited to my little sister, Molly Torrence. You should have seen the ones I said no to…