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I could not agree more. I think that Sloan does a great job to integrate a sustainability into our course work in an appropriate and non-tree-huger format. I have worked in a variety of business roles throughout my career and I have always been able to allocate time to address sustainability.

I am a 2014 full time MBA Sloanie and I would be happy to answer any questions or engage in lively discussion with any future, current, or past classmates.

What does sustainability mean to you?

Thanks Caroline for a a great blog post :)

Ryan Sheinbein

For a long time, sustainability in emerging countries was strictly related to the environment and sometimes to charity. Why? Because it was the easiest way to market the initiatives to the audience.

Once a company reaches certain level of development and organic growth is not as easy anymore, it realize that shareholders are not the only stakeholder and the environment is only part of the puzzle. Integrating customers, employees, suppliers, environment and the community is fundamental to a long term steady growth.

Today is the tipping point for developing countries, in times of raging growth, companies have the opportunity to include in their balance scorecards and incentive programs goals beyond profit. Operational efficiency, responsible marketing and community integration are just some initiatives every company must embrace to move forward.

Sloan's Sustainability vission reflects these values and I look forward to see many Sloanies leaving a global footprint.

Thanks for sharing Caroline!

Domingo Godoy

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