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Importance of Energy

Renewable Energy is one of our future hopes, which nowadays help solving environmental issues, reducing cost and developing sustainability.

Prior to MIT Sloan, my background was Logistics and Supply Chain Management. One of my jobs was to monitor and analyze cost-to-market of my products. My company produces and sells construction materials which relies more on delivery and service. In the Logistics industry, we all know that transportation cost is the main cost and significantly related to the oil price. In the past oil crises, the soaring of fuel price considerably affected my company’s revenue and competitive advantage. As a result, we came up with the initiative of using alternative fuel of Compressed National Gas. Moreover, from my work, I found out that another cost-driven in the production process is an energy consumption cost. Therefore, the company emphasized more on energy savings, and reducing emission. We believe that social responsibility will create sustainability in our business. So, this is the starting point that makes me passionate about energy, especially clean technology, which is the hottest issue and can make big impacts to the world.

During spring break, I have got a chance to visit Spain and Denmark with my beautiful classmates who has the same interest in Clean Energy Technology. This is such a great opportunity to explore and gain real experiences from the world leaders’ renewable energy countries. In this study tour, I have to team-up with my friends and choose the write-up topic. My team chose “Community Wind Energy” as we think it is very interesting issue. Also, Denmark is the leading country and the role model of Wind Technology implementation. As wind is the community resource, many questions pop-up in my head, such as how to manage its use, how to create business model, what is the government policy and support, and how to get buy-in from community. These factors are all important for the success of Wind Energy Development.

Within a week, I am so excited and enthusiast to get insights and answers from the experts. More importantly, I will have fun with my friends in Spain and Denmark. I will keep you posted!