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Always adventurer and backpacker

When I look back the trip, I realized it was a really eye opening experience for me, a "study tour" in many regards

Things I learned and few remained questions for me. 

1. Forprofit Vs. nonprofit organization. what is more effective? where should we go? 

2. Big corporate's CSR(Corporate Social Rexponsibility) Vs. Social entreprneurship 

3. So, where am I: What can I contribute here and what I really want to do?

4. Now, I can feel comfortable anywhere in the world. Assian, white, European, Latin, Black people. Compared to myself 10 years ago, what a long way gone.

5. Everything made is China. Here in Africa, I've learned how much Chinca has grown up and this seems amazing.

6. Mobile money. This is amazing how technology people's everyday life here.

7. Rwandan's govern driven devleopment model Vs Kenya's entrepreneual culture. what would bring a sustainable growth?

8. English as an official language : what are benefits and costs?

9. Korea's foreign aid: now we became a country that can help others. My country becomes a only country that now help the others from the one who used to receive the international aid 30-40 years ago. How can we pay back and what role I can play there?


The picture below is me in Masai Mara and it cocludes the theme of the trip to me: Always looking forward a adventure, learning, in a complete strange but beautiful world.