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September 15, 2008

"And that was when I ruled the world"

I am now officially a graduate of MIT Sloan.   But it doesn't mean that the hanging out with Sloanies has ended!  It's been a great summer and the last few months have also shown me that the Sloan bond lasts well beyond the walls of E51 and E52.  I have been between coasts between the Bay Area and Boston and have been lucky enough to find Sloanies at every corner. 
After traveling to Southeast Asia as part of my post-graduation plans, I made it back to the States.  I tried to meet up with some Sloanies over in Hong Kong and Thailand, but my timing was off by just a few days.  Turns out many of us chose SE Asia as a way to unwind and celebrate graduation.

I spent sometime wandering around Boston and one night when we went out in the South End to the Beehive, we just happened to run into two of our other friends!  It's really great when you just happen to run into your fellow Sloanies!

I even happened to be at BHP when the new Class of 2010 Sloanies were hanging out for the first time and it was really neat to see such fresh faces who were so excited to start.  They asked a lot of questions and I was more than happy to talk, but I said, "No matter what I say, you won't believe me anyway, so go and have a ton of fun and meet a lot of people!"

And out in the Bay Area, there is a great group of Sloanies as well.  One night, as we were sitting together, someone said, "Sometimes I forget I'm in San Francisco" and the response was, "Well, you mean because it's all the same people?"  It was neat to see that you can take the Sloanie out of Boston, but you can't take the Sloanie out of...wait, it's some phrase like that.
This past weekend we had two events where it looked like Sloan Central - both birthday celebrations.  We're all over the place - in SF and down in the Valley!

While many of us reminisce back to the good ol' days of being back in school, we are trying as best we can to carry on the Sloan spirit wherever we are!