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2 posts from April 2010


Why MIT Sloan?

As we approach our second adMIT weekend, I wanted to give my little pitch on what I love about Sloan and why I think people should come here.

In my view, the greatest thing about Sloan is the number of opportunities that are offered to us. It's incredible how much students manage to do while at Sloan. Sloanies are launching innovative companies; working on projects that change the world; exploring business opportunities with global and domestic clients; developing and implementing strategies for firms worldwide; gaining exposure to and developing cutting-edge ideas on best management practices; and in the case of one of my classmates, even running for office and becoming the first Asian-American elected to Cambridge City Council. These are in addition to participating in business case competitions, business plan competitions, going on treks and study tours, networking, attending lecture series and conferences, taking great classes, taking advantage of exciting internship opportunities and participating in club activities. The desire to provide and pursue great opportunities permeates throughout the school, and it's what makes the MBA experience at MIT Sloan amazing.

There are so many resources that are provided at Sloan to help students grow and achieve, such as the Entrepreneurship Center, interdisciplinary programs and projects that bring together students from all across MIT and neighboring universities, G-Lab, S-Lab, E-Lab, the 100K, SEID, IdeaStorm, and the list just goes on and on. Some of my classmates went to Indonesia for G-Lab during spring break to help an organization expand its efforts to provide nutritional street cart food to Jakarta's children, many of my classmates are utilizing the MIT network to partner up with retail firms, technology start-ups, banks, VCs, PEs and non-profit organizations to work on various business development projects, some are working to launch companies that will help commercialize technologies developed at MIT through the Entrepreneurship Center, many are working on business plans through interdisciplinary programs offered at MIT such as i-Teams and E-Lab, and some are creating search funds. The resources offered at Sloan have allowed me to explore various opportunities and grow in every direction.

Sloan is a place that challenges you in every way, but also one of the best places you can be. People are so talented and energetic, yet they are down-to-earth and unpretentious. It provides a comfortable learning/social environment for students from all backgrounds. Personally, I am one of the youngest people in my class and grew up all over the world, and yet I find myself fitting in very comfortably. People at Sloan are very mature and genuinely respect each other regardless of where they are from and what they are interested in. I love it here. 


Spring Break - 217.98 miles of Sailing in the Caribbean

I enjoyed a relaxing spring break in the Caribbean with 20 of my fellow classmates and SOs last week. We sailed our catamarans (Orana 44: http://www.windward-islands.net/bareboat/boat-us.php?ID=790) out of St. Lucia and around the Windward Islands, visiting Marigot Bay, Chateaubelair, Bequia, the Tobago Cays, Mustique, Kingstown, Cumberland Bay and Soufriere. We ate, drank, snorkeled and had a great time on our boats. 

There were two catamarans and mine was called the Kumquat, named after the fruit. 

My favorite quotes from the trip were:

Jim: "How do you know that the anchor is on the bottom?"
Simone: "Because I let out 40m and the depth is 7m ..."

Francesco: "Where is the tobacco?"
Simone: "It's in the cigarettes."

Grace: "How do you make this?"
Simone: "Well, you mix the ingredients and then add the white creme and add to the pasta. It's very easy."    

Min: "This bay smells like IKEA."
Arjun: "Whatever you're smoking, I want some." 

Here is a montage of some of our favorite pics from the trip: